FIC: Five Things Vala has stolen on Earth (Stargate SG-1)

Title: Five Things Vala Has Stolen On Earth
Category:  Stargate SG-1
Author: Cleo the Muse
Rating: G
Genre: Romance, Friendship, Het
Pairings/Character: Daniel Jackson/Vala Mal-Doran
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Author's Summary:  My very first entry for the SG1 Five Things community at LJ. DV friendship, followed by DV 'ship. Sappiness ensues

Why: Because I like Vala.  And this goes along with canon very well.  And I like Daniel/Vala.  And there is that scarf and a giraffe.

FIC: Wounds Old and New (Torchwood)

Title: Wounds Old and New (1/1)
Category: Torchwood
Author: melinafandom
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Gen,
Pairings/Character: Jack and Gwen
Spoilers/Warnings:  Spoilers for Countrycide and season 1
Author's Summary: It should have been a simple search and recovery mission.

Why: Sometimes I just want to put 'just because' here.  Its a good fic.  Read it;)  It showcases Jack's ability to give life with a kiss.  Without ship. 

FIC: The Consequences of Kissing (Doctor Who)

Title:  The Consequences of Kissing 
Category: Doctor Who
Author: Camilla Sandman
Rating: none, but its considered ADULT
Genre: Romance/Drama
Pairings/Character: Ten/Rose
Spoilers/Warnings: None really, but if you are super-spoiler avoidance person then I'd say Doomsday.
Author's Summary: In retrospect, letting her kiss him was a very, very bad idea. The mind has a way of lingering on ideas, and a kiss can start something off.

Why:  Its a feel good, romantic fic.  And I happen to like romance, even if its angsty romance.  And I can really see Ten in this. And I'm using alot of "ands".

FIC: Find the Map and Draw a Straight Line (Torchwood/Doctor Who)

Title: Find The Map and Draw a Straight Line
Category: Torchwood, Doctor Who
Author: passionflows
Rating: R
Genre: Romance/Drama
Pairings/Character: Rose/Doctor (10), Jack Harkness
Spoilers/Warnings: Doctor Who: Doomsday.  Torchwood: none, just realise its there.
Author's Summary:  Life when it's not through a looking glass.

Why: Because I'm a sucker for post-doomsday fics, and this one is a unique but very good one.  Its a one shot.

FIC: Five Couples Jack Harkness Never Slept With (Multi-Fandom)

Title: Five Couples Jack Harkness Never Slept With
Category: Torchwood, Doctor Who, Stargate Sg-1, Stargate Atlantis, Misc
Author: azarsuerteRating: R
Genre: Romance/Drama
Pairings/Character: Jack/Many
Spoilers/Warnings:  Torchwood- "Everything Changes"; Doctor Who--up through "Parting of the Ways," but with a sly side-nod to "The Girl in the Fireplace"; SG-1--season 10, to be safe; Stargate Atlantis--nothing past season 2; no others that I can think of
Author's Summary: See title

Why:  It just is:)  I even liked the bits that weren't from my fandom.  Because this is Jack:)

FIC: The Tale of Two Doctors (Doctor Who)

Title: The Tale of Two Doctors
Category: Doctor Who
Author: sensiblecat
Rating: G
Genre: Romance/Drama
Pairings/Character: Rose/Doctor (10), Doctor (5), Jack & Martha,  Also mentions of other companions
Spoilers/Warnings: The Fifth Doctor's run, First 3 seasons of New Who. "Time Crash" special
Author's Summary: At the end of Time Crash the two TARDISes separated and took Five and Ten back to their respective timelines. But something went a bit wrong. The Doctors separated. The TARDIS sort of......cloned. Now Five has Ten's TARDIS, and he's about to find out about the Year that Never Was. But why's he in a parallel world, and who is the girl waiting on the beach?

Why:  I think I picked this up on a Rose/Doctor rec list and loved it.  Granted, the first time I read it I was confused because at that time I had only watched the first 2 seasons of Doctor Who, didn't know anything about Doomsday and barely knew about the Fifth doctor.  Then I saw the "Time Crash" segment and Decided to read it again.  It made more sense (although it did make sense the first time too).

Its just generally a good story, and it takes a look at season 3 and trys to find a way to correct some things without outright making them not happening.

FIC: Facets (Doctor Who)

Title: Facets
Category: Doctor Who
Author: padawanpooh
Rating: PG-13, K+
Genre: Romance/Adventure
Pairings/Character: Rose/Doctor
Spoilers/Warnings:   Spoilers of the show up till midpoint Season 2.
Author's Summary: To save her Doctor's future, Rose has to go back in time and meet all previous incarnations of the Timelord. There'll be danger, humour, romance and adventure!

Why:  I stumbled upon this before I even considered watching any classic who.  And it just fascinated me, Rose meeting all the various Doctors.  Its a part of a AU series to Season 2 but the first story is my favorite. 

FIC: Old Friends (Torchwood/Doctor Who)

Title: Old Friends (linked to series page, not straight to story)
Category: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Author: docjanesmith (Doctor Jane Smith)
Rating: R  T
Genre: Romance
Pairings/Character:  Doctor/Rose, Jack, Gwen and Romana II
Spoilers/Warnings: Language
Author's Summary: Unexpected meeting of old friends.

Why:  This is one of the first torchwood stories I ever read. And it's one that helped me cement Jack/Gwen as my OtP for that series.  Granted, its pre-ship in thsi story if anything, so if you don't like Jack/Gwen you might not mind this one.  However the rest of the series does go into Jack/Gwen and other pairings (Tosh/Owen/Doctor, and Ianto/Romana).

FIC: The Cool Burn of Moonlight (Doctor Who)

Title: The Cool Burn of Moonlight  and Part Two
Category: Doctor Who
Author: sc_angel72
Rating: M/NC-17
Genre: Romance
Pairings/Character: Rose/Doctor (10) with a little Jack
Spoilers/Warnings: AU to canon, Adult Situations
Author's Summary: For him though, it was so much more than physical. Rose tempted him emotionally, which was much, much more dangerous. The physical attraction was simply the fuse that would light the powder keg.

Why:  This actually wasn't what I was going to post first.  I was just reading as I brought up my forms for ficrecing and I liked it alot.  Its got very good descriptions of the setting.  Just overall wonderful.