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FIC: Multiple (NCIS) - ladyumbras2 — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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FIC: Multiple (NCIS) [Apr. 8th, 2009|02:01 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Title: Seed
Category: NCIS
Author: kap0w
Rating: Teen
Genre: Romance
Pairings/Character: Kate/Tony,
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Author's Summary: The seed has already been planted and you know neither of you will forget that. TATE.

Why: I am a huge Tate shipper, which should come as no suprise.  This story is well written and the characters remain themseleves.

Title: Keepsake
Category: NCIS
Author: nixa_jane
Rating: PG 
Genre: Gen
Pairings/Character:  Tony/Kate friendship
Spoilers/Warnings: Twilight
Author's Summary: Going through her things never bothered him before.

Why: I try to avoid post Twilight fics that deal with Kate being dead, but it is hard to do so.  This is supposed to be gen, but as a friend once told me I'm broken down in the Tate designated parking spot and will find it anywhere.  Its well written (as is alot of the fics by Nixa).  It may make you cry though.

Title: The Last Line
Category: NCIS
Author: Ravanche
Rating: R
Genre: Drama/General
Pairings/Character: Gibbs, Kate, Tony, Ducky, McGee.
Spoilers/Warnings: spoilers through 2x13.  Specifically The Meat Puzzle.
Author's Summary: Fighting the good fight.

Why: This is a good look at Gibb's thoughts after another run in with the idea that he could loose a member of his team.  Its well written and You can really picture Gibbs working on his boat and getting his anger and frustration out on it.

Title:  Red Salamander
Category: NCIS
Author: voleuse
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance
Pairings/Character:  Team,  Tony/Kate 
Spoilers/Warnings: General spoilers for a story sit in mid season 2
Author's Summary: I hold my hand open for him to go.

Why: This is one of those fun stories where someone is inspired by another work of fictino and writes Tate in that way.  This has other pairings hinted at in the story, but the only one that is very blantant is Tate.

Title: Slices of a Life Worth Living (LJ)  Slices of a Life Worth Living (FF.net)
Category: NCIS
Author: plasticeneposes  or Angelus1
Rating: PG-13
Genre:  Romance
Pairings/Character:  Tony/Kate
Spoilers/Warnings: none
Author's Summary: None available  - Kate & Tony fall into a routine

Why: This an excellant take on how Tony & Kate fall in love slowly and without even knowing that they are doing it.  Not that Abby misses it :)  This has to be one of my favorite Tate stories.  You need to read it.  READ IT!!

Title:  Caring
Category: NCIS
Author: Belker
Rating:  T
Genre: Friendship/Drama
Pairings/Character:  Kate/Tony
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Author's Summary: Kate thinks back on her first weeks at NCIS

Why: Its a cute story, although Tony does get shot, about Kate & her relationship with the team.

Title:  The Boat, The Bourbon and the Basement
Category: NCIS
Author:  mrwubbles
Rating:  PG
Genre:  Angst/Friendship
Pairings/Character:  Tony, Gibbs, Gen
Spoilers/Warnings: Bounce, Twilight.
Author's Summary: He gets it. Gibbs did, too…

Why:   Its a good Tony story.  It deals with Tony being boss and how he feels about it, and it even deals with Kate.

Title: Convention
Category: NCIS
Author: Revanche
Rating: R
Genre: Romance/Drama
Pairings/Character: Tony/Kate; Tony
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Author's Summary: Tony, Kate and the difference between Love and War 

Why: Its a dark fic, and slightly OCC but oh, so good.  Its like eating Dark chocolate. 

Title:  Rituals
Category: NCIS
Author: Cath1
Rating: K+
Genre: Romance/Gen
Pairings/Character: Tony/Kate
Spoilers/Warnings: none
Author's Summary:  they have a secret ritual. TATE

Why: Its cute.  Its good for those depressing days when  you need something fluffy to cheer you up.

Title:  Sense
Category: NCIS
Author: hotelsugarRating:  PG -13
Genre: Romance/Angst
Pairings/Character:  Kate, Tony, Tony/Kate
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Author's Summary: NCIS. Tony/Kate. Talking is overrated anyway. PG-13.

Why: This is a fic with little to no dialogue but you barely notice because its sooooo good.