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FIC: Multiple (Crossovers) [Mar. 11th, 2009|11:10 am]
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Title:  We Lost Our Navigator Overboard
Category:  Ironman, Doctor Who (New Who)
Author: elsi_dissapearRating:  G, K (Author doesn't mention)
Genre:  Romance
Pairings/Character: Tony, Pepper, Ten, Rose; Pepper/Tony, Ten/Rose
Spoilers/Warnings: Ironman movie, general Doctor Who.

Author's Summary: "We were just heading back to the Tardi--" The woman bumps him with her hip forcibly and shoots him a warning look. He regards her critically for a moment before saying, "Aah--our um, vehicle. Vehicle?" he tries, looking at her again. She shrugs. "Vehicle! That's where we were headed. Care to join us?"

Why:  Its amusing.  Tony and Ten in the same room.  Tony in the Tardis!  And of course ship;)

Title: The Complications of Mechanics
Category:  Ironman, Doctor Who (New Who)
Author: elsi_dissapear
Rating:  G, K
Genre:  Romance/Humor
Pairings/Character: Tony, Peper, Rose/Ten, Tony/Pepper
Spoilers/Warnings: Ironman movie, General Doctor Who.

Author's Summary: Rose takes another bite of her pretzel and says around it, "Y'know, he's always like that. Give him something shiny and even the least bit technical and he's all over it like a kid on Halloween. If it weren't so endearing it'd be ridiculous." Crossover. Utter ridiculousness in a box.

Why: The Doctor gets a sneak peak at the suit and, well, makes it go off.

Title: Iron & Irony
Category:  Ironman, House
Author: veldeia
Rating:   PG-13, K+ or T
Genre:  Humor, Angst (because this is House)
Pairings/Character: House, Tony, Pepper;  Tony/Pepper
Spoilers/Warnings: Ironman the movie, Up to season 4 in House.  Rating for language.

Author's Summary:   When Tony suspects he's caught a mystery illness, he turns to the best doctor he can find. But can House solve this puzzle?

Why: Its House and Tony in the same room.  It just is.

Title: Origins
Category:  Doctor Who (New Who), Torchwood, X-files
Author: paiger1218
Rating:  PG-13/ K+
Genre:  Romance/angst
Pairings/Character: Rose, Ten, Mulder, Scully, Captain Jack Harkness; Mulder/Scully, Ten/Rose.
Spoilers/Warnings:  General X-files and Doctor Who spoilers.  Author warns that it has adult content and is a babyfic.

Author's Summary:  Torchwood/Dr. Who/X-Files crossover in which we learn where Jack Harkness came from... well, sort of.

Why: Its an interesting take on the whole William situation.  Plus it puts 3 of my favorite fandoms together.