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FIC: Multiple Fics (Doctor Who) [Mar. 10th, 2009|08:33 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Title: Mother
Category:  Doctor Who (New Who)
Author: yeknodelttil
Rating:  K
Genre:  Romance/ Family
Pairings/Character: Jenny, Ten, Rose/Ten
Spoilers/Warnings: The Doctor's Daughter, general New Who spoilers
Author's Summary: The regeneration unlocked her memories.
Why:  Its a cute "What if Rose was Jenny's mother" story.

Title: A New Vernacular
Category: Doctor Who (New Who)
Author:  cartoonedRating:  G. K
Genre:  Romance
Pairings/Character: Rose, Ten,  Rose/Ten
Spoilers/Warnings:  Rose, Doomsday
Author's Summary: Rose finds herself back at the beginning, only in another universe. Is it still called déjà vu if it really happening?
Why:  Its amusing.  Its also a unique way of Pre-Season 4 Rose/ten reunion.

Title:  To Honor and Obey
Category: Doctor Who (New Who)
Author: shinyopals
Rating:  G, K
Genre:  Romance/Friendship
Pairings/Character: Rose, Ten, Donna, Rose/Ten
Spoilers/Warnings:  General spoilers for seasons 1-4
Author's Summary: 'I think,' said Donna, one morning over breakfast, 'that you should get married.'
The Doctor paused mid bite and peered at her suspiciously. 'I... should get married?' he said eventually.
'To Rose,' added Donna, as though that clarified everything.

Why:  I'm a sucker for Ten/Rose fluff.  Add Donna and I'm positively squeeing.  Plus its a good fic.  And it has this line:

I really need to stop placing bets on you,' said Rose, eyes still shining with mirth. 'I owe Jack twenty quid, after all.'

'Whatever for?' asked the Doctor, trying to remember what Jack had said last time they'd visited.

'For not thinking you're as gullible as you actually are,' she said. 'I can't believe you honestly thought he was the Face of Boe! He bet me twenty quid he could convince you that and you actually believed it.'

Title: Your Girl She Dreams of Flying
Category: Doctor Who (Classic Who)
Author: zauberer_sirin
Rating:  PG, K+
Genre: Romance/Angst
Pairings/Character: Five, Tegan, several companions mentioned; Tegan/Five1
Spoilers/Warnings: The Fifth Doctor episodes, Resurrection of the Daleks in particular.
Author's Summary: Tegan has gone home. The Doctor remembers he is not supposed to do the “missing” thing, but a minute too late.

Why:  Its an angsty Tegan story which shows how the Doctor and Tegan get through her leaving in Resurrection.

Title:  Testing
Category: Doctor Who (New Who)
Author: unfolded73
Rating:  Adult is what the author lists, so I'm giong to put this in the strong PG-13/R category
Genre:  Romance
Pairings/Character: Rose, Ten II, Rose/Ten II
Spoilers/Warnings: Spoilers for various Doctor Who episodes that Rose was featured (especially Journey's End), and 'The Stone Rose' novel. 
Author's Summary: Rose and her new Doctor feel out where they stand with each other.

Why: A good 'Rose and TenII figuring things out' fic.  Rose tests the Doctor's (and her own) memory as she brings up old adventures after the events in Journey's end. 

Title: Her Doctor
Category: Doctor Who (New Who)
Author: spastasmagoria (one of my favorites)
Rating:  PG, K+
Genre:  Romance/ Humor
Pairings/Character: Ten II, Rose, Jackie, Ten II/Rose
Spoilers/Warnings: Journey's End
Author's Summary: Unexpected.  Very.

Why: Because its a funny look into Rose's attempt to reconcile the new doctor with the other doctor and Jackie being worried about actions in her pantry.

Title: Bitting Bullets All These Years
Category: Doctor Who (New Who)
Author: jesswinchester8
Rating:  PG, K+
Genre:  Angst/Romance
Pairings/Character: Ten II, Rose, Jackie, Pete, Rose/Ten II, (Sequel also includes Rose/Ten)
Spoilers/Warnings: Dark angst, the author calls it WCS
Author's Summary: There's never been a Human-Timelord Meta Crisis before because there can't be.  Why should the other way round be any different?

Why: A Bleak look at what the new new new doctor might have gone through if his experience paralleled Donna's.  Also it has a sequel Until the Seas Run Dry  Also quite sad.

Title: The Meaning of The Kiss.
Category: Doctor Who (Classic Who)
Author: finmagik
Rating:  PG-13, T
Genre:  Romance/Humor
Pairings/Character: Six, Peri, Six/Peri (according to the author), Five/Tegan
Spoilers/Warnings: General Classic Who eps
Author's Summary:  The Doctor has no idea what he just did, by kissing Peri. She explains.

Why:  Its funny.  The Doctor has a method of quieting his companions, and he has no idea that this method could be taken in quite a different way then intended.

Title: To Keep On Breathing For
Category: Doctor Who (New Who)
Author: _thirty2flavors
Rating:  PG, K +
Genre:  Romance/General
Pairings/Character: Ten II, Donna, Martha, Sarah Jane, Ten II/Rose
Spoilers/Warnings:  Journey's End
Author's Summary: Popping into existence only to be stranded in a parallel world on an alien planet is, well, odd.

Why:   Yet another Journey's End 'what if'.  This particular version deals with the Doctor's adjustment to Pete's World.

Title: Building a New Forever
Category: Doctor Who (New Who)
Author:humansuperiorRating: PG-13, T 
Genre:  Romance/Angst
Pairings/Character: Rose, Ten II, The rest of the Pete's world accomplishment.
Spoilers/Warnings: Journey's End of course
Author's Summary:  It kills him that she misses him so much and he’s standing right here.

Why:  Well, the same reason as above, this time its Rose's turn.