ladyumbras2 (ladyumbras2) wrote,

FIC: Dakota Hearts (NCIS)

Title: Dakota Hearts
Category: NCIS
Author: xdawnfirex_fic
Rating: Teen
Genre: Romance, AU (Western)
Pairings/Character: Kate/Tony, Gibbs, Abby, Tim, Ducky, Jimmy
Spoilers/Warnings: AU, takes place in 1860s.
Author's Summary: When Katie Todd comes out of mourning, Deputy Tony DiNozzo sets his sights on her. But will she be able to overcome her first marriage and return his affection?
Author's Notes: Yes, it's a cheesy romance novel

Why: I just really like it.  It has the characters down.  Sometimes its a little cheesy, but aren't all romance novels?
Tags: ficrec, ncis
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