ladyumbras2 (ladyumbras2) wrote,

FIC: The Ghost Of You (Grey's Anatomy)

Title: The Ghost of You
Category:  Grey's Anatomy
Author: nvrpromise
Rating: T (PG-13 I think)
Genre: Romance, Angst
Pairings/Character:  Alex/Izzie, George
Spoilers/Warnings: Baby!fic. 
Author's Summary:  AU set six years after Izzie finished her residency. Author's Note: From Chapter 3 on midfieldattack helped me write the story either taking on chapters himself or cowriting with me. I dedicate this fic to him.

Why: I'm addicted to babyfic.  And this one isn't badly done although it does use the cliche of the girl running off pregnant and not letting the father know. 

Tags: ficrec, greys anatomy
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