FIC: Double Blind (Star Trek: The Original Series)

Title Double Blind
Author: medie
Rating: PG-13
Fandom:  Star Trek: The Original Series
Characters/Pairings:  Chapel, Uhura, Misc. Female characters; Gen
Genre:  Adventure/Drama/
Summery: It all starts with a sneeze.

Why:  This story is awesome, that's why.  It gives us canon characters (all but one of the characters in this story is from canon) and puts them in a situation where half the crew is sick and Chapel and Uhura as well as others have to take on command of their departments and hope they find a cure before its too late.  It has great characterization and there is use of many characters that don't really see fic much.

FIC: Mulitple (X-files)

Title: Momentary Lapses
Category:  X-files
Author: Plausabilty Deniabilty & Dasha K.
Rating: NC-17, M+
Genre:  Romance/Angst
Pairings/Character:   Mulder/Scully
Spoilers/Warnings:  5th season
Author's Summary:  What do mortal sins, fever in the blood, Cuban rum drinks, swollen noses, salty tattoos and hotel rooms in three states have in common? Join Mulder and Scully in the confusing days of their changing relationship and find out...

Why: Its a totally awesome fic.  Its one of the few NC-17s to make it to my favorites folder.  Its inspired some of my own fic writing

Title: A Sketch
Category:  X-files
Author: Bugs
Rating:  R
Genre:  Romance/episode Tag
Pairings/Character:  Mulder, Scully, MSR, various episode characters
Spoilers/Warnings:  The Goldberg Varient (Season 7), Established relationship
Author's Summary:  In Chicago to investigate a lucky man, Scully's mind flits over some word associations.

Why:  Another cute fic, this time connected to an episode

FIC: Multiple (NCIS)

Title: Seed
Category: NCIS
Author: kap0w
Rating: Teen
Genre: Romance
Pairings/Character: Kate/Tony,
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Author's Summary: The seed has already been planted and you know neither of you will forget that. TATE.

Why: I am a huge Tate shipper, which should come as no suprise.  This story is well written and the characters remain themseleves.

Title: Keepsake
Category: NCIS
Author: nixa_jane
Rating: PG 
Genre: Gen
Pairings/Character:  Tony/Kate friendship
Spoilers/Warnings: Twilight
Author's Summary: Going through her things never bothered him before.

Why: I try to avoid post Twilight fics that deal with Kate being dead, but it is hard to do so.  This is supposed to be gen, but as a friend once told me I'm broken down in the Tate designated parking spot and will find it anywhere.  Its well written (as is alot of the fics by Nixa).  It may make you cry though.

Title: The Last Line
Category: NCIS
Author: Ravanche
Rating: R
Genre: Drama/General
Pairings/Character: Gibbs, Kate, Tony, Ducky, McGee.
Spoilers/Warnings: spoilers through 2x13.  Specifically The Meat Puzzle.
Author's Summary: Fighting the good fight.

Why: This is a good look at Gibb's thoughts after another run in with the idea that he could loose a member of his team.  Its well written and You can really picture Gibbs working on his boat and getting his anger and frustration out on it.

Title:  Red Salamander
Category: NCIS
Author: voleuse
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance
Pairings/Character:  Team,  Tony/Kate 
Spoilers/Warnings: General spoilers for a story sit in mid season 2
Author's Summary: I hold my hand open for him to go.

Why: This is one of those fun stories where someone is inspired by another work of fictino and writes Tate in that way.  This has other pairings hinted at in the story, but the only one that is very blantant is Tate.

Title: Slices of a Life Worth Living (LJ)  Slices of a Life Worth Living (
Category: NCIS
Author: plasticeneposes  or Angelus1
Rating: PG-13
Genre:  Romance
Pairings/Character:  Tony/Kate
Spoilers/Warnings: none
Author's Summary: None available  - Kate & Tony fall into a routine

Why: This an excellant take on how Tony & Kate fall in love slowly and without even knowing that they are doing it.  Not that Abby misses it :)  This has to be one of my favorite Tate stories.  You need to read it.  READ IT!!

Title:  Caring
Category: NCIS
Author: Belker
Rating:  T
Genre: Friendship/Drama
Pairings/Character:  Kate/Tony
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Author's Summary: Kate thinks back on her first weeks at NCIS

Why: Its a cute story, although Tony does get shot, about Kate & her relationship with the team.

Title:  The Boat, The Bourbon and the Basement
Category: NCIS
Author:  mrwubbles
Rating:  PG
Genre:  Angst/Friendship
Pairings/Character:  Tony, Gibbs, Gen
Spoilers/Warnings: Bounce, Twilight.
Author's Summary: He gets it. Gibbs did, too…

Why:   Its a good Tony story.  It deals with Tony being boss and how he feels about it, and it even deals with Kate.

Title: Convention
Category: NCIS
Author: Revanche
Rating: R
Genre: Romance/Drama
Pairings/Character: Tony/Kate; Tony
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Author's Summary: Tony, Kate and the difference between Love and War 

Why: Its a dark fic, and slightly OCC but oh, so good.  Its like eating Dark chocolate. 

Title:  Rituals
Category: NCIS
Author: Cath1
Rating: K+
Genre: Romance/Gen
Pairings/Character: Tony/Kate
Spoilers/Warnings: none
Author's Summary:  they have a secret ritual. TATE

Why: Its cute.  Its good for those depressing days when  you need something fluffy to cheer you up.

Title:  Sense
Category: NCIS
Author: hotelsugarRating:  PG -13
Genre: Romance/Angst
Pairings/Character:  Kate, Tony, Tony/Kate
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Author's Summary: NCIS. Tony/Kate. Talking is overrated anyway. PG-13.

Why: This is a fic with little to no dialogue but you barely notice because its sooooo good. 

FIC: Multiple (Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis)

Title: Resolution
Category:  Stargate: SG-1
Author: divinejoker
Rating:  PG, K+
Genre:  Romance
Pairings/Character: Daniel, Vala; Daniel/Vala
Spoilers/Warnings:  spoilers for Continuum

Author's Summary:  (none available)   Tag to Continuum.

Why:  This deals with Vala's reaction to the removal of the symbiote and Daniel's reaction to her.  Very nicely done.

Title:  Build Your Walls, I'll Tear Them Down Brick By Brick
Category:  Stargate SG-1
Author: kellifer_fic
Rating:  PG, K +
Genre:  Romance/Friendship
Pairings/Character: Vala, Daniel, Cameron, Jack, Sam; Daniel/Vala
Spoilers/Warnings: none

Author's Summary:  Snow! Vala (and Daniel) playing in the snow. Credit cards. Bantering.

Why: Daniel, with the help of Sam and Jack, deals with his feelings for Vala, and her many sides.

Title: Waiting
Category:  Stargate Sg-1
Author: oxbastetxo
Rating:  PG
Genre:  Angst/Drama
Pairings/Character:  General Hammond, Jack, Daniel, Sam, Teal'c, mentions of various others
Spoilers/Warnings: 1969 (Season 2)

Author's Summary: Hammond knew what was going to happen. He knew he couldn’t stop it or change it. He just has to wait.

Why:  Its a good Hammond fic.  Hammond goes over what he has done in the past couple of years to prepare for what happened long before that.  Interesting tag to 1969 that deals with how Hammond reacted to certian situations the way he did due to the knowledge he had.

Title: The Marriage Files
Category:  Stargate SG-1
Author: hariboo_smirks
Rating:  PG-13
Genre:  Romance/Humor
Pairings/Character: Daniel, Vala, Cameron, Sam, Teal'c, Jack, various others; Daniel/Vala
Spoilers/Warnings: none

Author's Summary:They don’t like to talk about the fact they’ve been married about six times off-world.

Why:  This is an amusing fic, where there is a special file for 'Off World Marriages'.   Daniel and Vala hold the record for number of marriages and Gateroom divorces.  Yet the one that really matters, no one knows about. 

Title:  You Keep Moving On
Category:  Staragate: Atlantis
Rating:  K +
Genre:  Romance/General
Pairings/Character:  Evan Lorne, Laura Cadman, various others;  Cadman/Lorne
Spoilers/Warnings:  General knowledge of characters only

Author's Summary: Family, Colonel Evan Lorne learned once upon a time, isn't just about blood.

Why:  Its a nice fic.  The characters are in character and the story is interesting.  Its not a straightforward romance, but there is a happy ending. 

ART: Multiple (Doctor Who)

Title:  The Fourth Doctor
Category: Doctor Who (Classic)
Artist: jedirikki1138
Rating: G
Pairing(s)/Characters:  The Fourth Doctor
Medium: looks like paper and pencil

Description/Why: Its a good, realistic portriet of Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor.

Title: Doctor SpongeWho, SquarePants
Category: SpongeBob, Doctor Who (Classic given Master!Plankton)
Author: sailerptah
Rating: G
Pairing(s)/Characters: Doctor Who, Master, Dalek, TARDIS, K-9....all as SpongeBob characters
Medium: Unknown

Description/Why:  Its funny.  SpongeBob as the Doctor, Plankton as the Master, Gary as K-9.  Not sure who Patrick is.

Title:  Fourth Doctor
Category:  Doctor Who (Classic Who)
Author: Carthoris
Rating: G
Pairing(s)/Characters:  Fourth Doctor
Medium: Colored Pencil

Description/Why: Its the Fourth Doctor again...this time as a Peanuts like character.  Cute.

FIC: Multiple (Crossovers)

Title:  We Lost Our Navigator Overboard
Category:  Ironman, Doctor Who (New Who)
Author: elsi_dissapearRating:  G, K (Author doesn't mention)
Genre:  Romance
Pairings/Character: Tony, Pepper, Ten, Rose; Pepper/Tony, Ten/Rose
Spoilers/Warnings: Ironman movie, general Doctor Who.

Author's Summary: "We were just heading back to the Tardi--" The woman bumps him with her hip forcibly and shoots him a warning look. He regards her critically for a moment before saying, "Aah--our um, vehicle. Vehicle?" he tries, looking at her again. She shrugs. "Vehicle! That's where we were headed. Care to join us?"

Why:  Its amusing.  Tony and Ten in the same room.  Tony in the Tardis!  And of course ship;)

Title: The Complications of Mechanics
Category:  Ironman, Doctor Who (New Who)
Author: elsi_dissapear
Rating:  G, K
Genre:  Romance/Humor
Pairings/Character: Tony, Peper, Rose/Ten, Tony/Pepper
Spoilers/Warnings: Ironman movie, General Doctor Who.

Author's Summary: Rose takes another bite of her pretzel and says around it, "Y'know, he's always like that. Give him something shiny and even the least bit technical and he's all over it like a kid on Halloween. If it weren't so endearing it'd be ridiculous." Crossover. Utter ridiculousness in a box.

Why: The Doctor gets a sneak peak at the suit and, well, makes it go off.

Title: Iron & Irony
Category:  Ironman, House
Author: veldeia
Rating:   PG-13, K+ or T
Genre:  Humor, Angst (because this is House)
Pairings/Character: House, Tony, Pepper;  Tony/Pepper
Spoilers/Warnings: Ironman the movie, Up to season 4 in House.  Rating for language.

Author's Summary:   When Tony suspects he's caught a mystery illness, he turns to the best doctor he can find. But can House solve this puzzle?

Why: Its House and Tony in the same room.  It just is.

Title: Origins
Category:  Doctor Who (New Who), Torchwood, X-files
Author: paiger1218
Rating:  PG-13/ K+
Genre:  Romance/angst
Pairings/Character: Rose, Ten, Mulder, Scully, Captain Jack Harkness; Mulder/Scully, Ten/Rose.
Spoilers/Warnings:  General X-files and Doctor Who spoilers.  Author warns that it has adult content and is a babyfic.

Author's Summary:  Torchwood/Dr. Who/X-Files crossover in which we learn where Jack Harkness came from... well, sort of.

Why: Its an interesting take on the whole William situation.  Plus it puts 3 of my favorite fandoms together.

FIC: Multiple (Iron Man)

Title: Greased Stained
Category:  Ironman
Author: nekare
Rating:  PG-13
Genre:  Romance/Angst
Pairings/Character: Tony, Pepper, Tony/Pepper
Spoilers/Warnings: Ironman movie

Author's Summary: This is what being Iron Man is.

Why:  Its a nice post-movie look at Tony and Pepper's relationship.

Title: Five Women Pepper Potts Has Shown To The Door
Category:  Ironman, X-men, Heroes, The Office, Bones
Author: amazingly_me
Rating:  PG
Genre:  Romance/General
Pairings/Character: Tony, Pepper, Camille Saroyan (Bones), Kelly Kapoor (The Office, US), Elle Bishop (Heroes), Jean Grey/Phenoix (X-men); Tony/Pepper, Tony/Other
Spoilers/Warnings: Ironman movie.  none for the other fandoms, just that the characters exist

Author's Summary: Good morning," Pepper says pleasantly. The woman starts. "Your clothes have been dry-cleaned. I'll give you a minute to change." Pepper shows five women from five different fandoms to the door.

Why:  Its an interesting fic, where Pepper shows four other woman to the door, ala the way she did in the movie.  Although these go a little bit differently. 

Title: Miss Monday
Category:  Ironman
Author: slicedpigeon  (Author no longer on LJ)
Rating:  R/NC-17 or T/M
Genre:  Romance
Pairings/Character: Tony, Pepper; Tony/Peper, Tony/Others
Spoilers/Warnings: Ironman Movie (Author warns against profanity, sex and Tony)

Author's Summary: the six people that Tony sleeps with, and the one that he doesn't.

Why: I don't have a particular reason for liking this one.  I just do.

FIC: Consumed (Harry Potter)

Title: Consumed
Category:  Harry Potter
Author: theliningsilver
Rating:  R, T (Possibly NC-17/M)
Genre:  Romance
Pairings/Character: Pansy, Ron, Ginny, Draco, Harry, Hermione;  Pansy/Ron, Draco/Ginny
Spoilers/Warnings:  Not Epilogue friendly
Author's Summary:  (none available)

Why:  This is one of my favorite Pansy/Ron stories.  Its actually a sequel to a Draco/Ginny story, but I actually like this one the best.  Basically, it starts with Draco and Ginny getting married and Pansy and Ron arguing in their usual way. Except things get out of hand and they find themselves involved during the few weeks D & G are off on their honeymoon.  And then it turns out to be something more then what they were expecting.

I'm still looking for this somewhere else, because she has it posted amongst other things so sometimes it can be hard to navigate the story.  The story it comes from has been locked on LJ so I'm not sure how to retrieve that either.

FIC: Multiple Fics (Doctor Who)

Title: Mother
Category:  Doctor Who (New Who)
Author: yeknodelttil
Rating:  K
Genre:  Romance/ Family
Pairings/Character: Jenny, Ten, Rose/Ten
Spoilers/Warnings: The Doctor's Daughter, general New Who spoilers
Author's Summary: The regeneration unlocked her memories.
Why:  Its a cute "What if Rose was Jenny's mother" story.

Title: A New Vernacular
Category: Doctor Who (New Who)
Author:  cartoonedRating:  G. K
Genre:  Romance
Pairings/Character: Rose, Ten,  Rose/Ten
Spoilers/Warnings:  Rose, Doomsday
Author's Summary: Rose finds herself back at the beginning, only in another universe. Is it still called déjà vu if it really happening?
Why:  Its amusing.  Its also a unique way of Pre-Season 4 Rose/ten reunion.

Title:  To Honor and Obey
Category: Doctor Who (New Who)
Author: shinyopals
Rating:  G, K
Genre:  Romance/Friendship
Pairings/Character: Rose, Ten, Donna, Rose/Ten
Spoilers/Warnings:  General spoilers for seasons 1-4
Author's Summary: 'I think,' said Donna, one morning over breakfast, 'that you should get married.'
The Doctor paused mid bite and peered at her suspiciously. 'I... should get married?' he said eventually.
'To Rose,' added Donna, as though that clarified everything.

Why:  I'm a sucker for Ten/Rose fluff.  Add Donna and I'm positively squeeing.  Plus its a good fic.  And it has this line:

I really need to stop placing bets on you,' said Rose, eyes still shining with mirth. 'I owe Jack twenty quid, after all.'

'Whatever for?' asked the Doctor, trying to remember what Jack had said last time they'd visited.

'For not thinking you're as gullible as you actually are,' she said. 'I can't believe you honestly thought he was the Face of Boe! He bet me twenty quid he could convince you that and you actually believed it.'

Title: Your Girl She Dreams of Flying
Category: Doctor Who (Classic Who)
Author: zauberer_sirin
Rating:  PG, K+
Genre: Romance/Angst
Pairings/Character: Five, Tegan, several companions mentioned; Tegan/Five1
Spoilers/Warnings: The Fifth Doctor episodes, Resurrection of the Daleks in particular.
Author's Summary: Tegan has gone home. The Doctor remembers he is not supposed to do the “missing” thing, but a minute too late.

Why:  Its an angsty Tegan story which shows how the Doctor and Tegan get through her leaving in Resurrection.

Title:  Testing
Category: Doctor Who (New Who)
Author: unfolded73
Rating:  Adult is what the author lists, so I'm giong to put this in the strong PG-13/R category
Genre:  Romance
Pairings/Character: Rose, Ten II, Rose/Ten II
Spoilers/Warnings: Spoilers for various Doctor Who episodes that Rose was featured (especially Journey's End), and 'The Stone Rose' novel. 
Author's Summary: Rose and her new Doctor feel out where they stand with each other.

Why: A good 'Rose and TenII figuring things out' fic.  Rose tests the Doctor's (and her own) memory as she brings up old adventures after the events in Journey's end. 

Title: Her Doctor
Category: Doctor Who (New Who)
Author: spastasmagoria (one of my favorites)
Rating:  PG, K+
Genre:  Romance/ Humor
Pairings/Character: Ten II, Rose, Jackie, Ten II/Rose
Spoilers/Warnings: Journey's End
Author's Summary: Unexpected.  Very.

Why: Because its a funny look into Rose's attempt to reconcile the new doctor with the other doctor and Jackie being worried about actions in her pantry.

Title: Bitting Bullets All These Years
Category: Doctor Who (New Who)
Author: jesswinchester8
Rating:  PG, K+
Genre:  Angst/Romance
Pairings/Character: Ten II, Rose, Jackie, Pete, Rose/Ten II, (Sequel also includes Rose/Ten)
Spoilers/Warnings: Dark angst, the author calls it WCS
Author's Summary: There's never been a Human-Timelord Meta Crisis before because there can't be.  Why should the other way round be any different?

Why: A Bleak look at what the new new new doctor might have gone through if his experience paralleled Donna's.  Also it has a sequel Until the Seas Run Dry  Also quite sad.

Title: The Meaning of The Kiss.
Category: Doctor Who (Classic Who)
Author: finmagik
Rating:  PG-13, T
Genre:  Romance/Humor
Pairings/Character: Six, Peri, Six/Peri (according to the author), Five/Tegan
Spoilers/Warnings: General Classic Who eps
Author's Summary:  The Doctor has no idea what he just did, by kissing Peri. She explains.

Why:  Its funny.  The Doctor has a method of quieting his companions, and he has no idea that this method could be taken in quite a different way then intended.

Title: To Keep On Breathing For
Category: Doctor Who (New Who)
Author: _thirty2flavors
Rating:  PG, K +
Genre:  Romance/General
Pairings/Character: Ten II, Donna, Martha, Sarah Jane, Ten II/Rose
Spoilers/Warnings:  Journey's End
Author's Summary: Popping into existence only to be stranded in a parallel world on an alien planet is, well, odd.

Why:   Yet another Journey's End 'what if'.  This particular version deals with the Doctor's adjustment to Pete's World.

Title: Building a New Forever
Category: Doctor Who (New Who)
Author:humansuperiorRating: PG-13, T 
Genre:  Romance/Angst
Pairings/Character: Rose, Ten II, The rest of the Pete's world accomplishment.
Spoilers/Warnings: Journey's End of course
Author's Summary:  It kills him that she misses him so much and he’s standing right here.

Why:  Well, the same reason as above, this time its Rose's turn.